WILD BOTANIK Silk Scarf 'Shadow' and FLORAL INK Bespoke Bouquet

WILD BOTANIK Silk Scarf 'Shadow' and FLORAL INK Bespoke Bouquet

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Tania Bowers is a Blue Mountains textile artist called Wild Botanik. Her practice uses organic and botanical ingredients along with chemistry to create colour and shape of an earthy nature. Tania's background in accessory design and music are big influences in her textiles. You will often find Tania at the Floral Ink studio, foraging the floral and botanical scraps to create the organic embossings you see in her scarfs and ribbons. 

This 100% Silk scarf creation is called 'Shadow'. This collection includes a Floral Ink bespoke seasonal bouquet of your choice, a Wild Botanik scarf of your choice, gift wrapping, Edith Rewa card with free delivery. 

Cleaning instructions: hand wash with cold water. Rinse with a drop of vinegar.

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