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Anjali Pure Essential Roll on Blends


Anjali meaning “a gift, tribute or an offering” was born out of an appreciation for all things that appear beautiful and have a natural aroma. Anjali is an Australian locally owned and operated brand that hand blends unique, pure and organic essential oils. This is the ultimate gift that keeps giving!

Select your Essential Oil Roll on Blends for easy travel and to wear as a natural perfume. Select your Blend/s below:

Lady Indira: support. nurture. soothe. This soothing blend of florals and citrus essential oils can assist women through their menstrual cycle, PMS and menopause. It can provide assistance to calm heightened emotion and balance the mood.

Calm Kabila: calm. rest. relaxation. This blend can assist you in restful sleep, a calm home or workplace, help with relaxation and alleviating stress.

Kawa: mindful. grounding. peaceful. This blend will assist you in feeling grounded so you can be present or ‘in the moment’. Allowing you to be mindful, feel centred and balanced, delivering feelings of contentment and peace. A blend to enjoy daily for all.

Chikara: energy. immunity. strength. A refreshing, healing and energising aroma that will assist with head cold and flu symptoms, allergy symptoms and can cleanse the space around you. Featuring Australian Native oils along with Frankincense ‘the holy oil’ and additional oils of Clove and Cinnamon that have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

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