just love - Behind the scenes of our Valentines Day photoshoot

Step behind the scenes and into the luxe, velvety toned visual realm of a Floral Ink photo shoot. These behind the scenes images capture just a hint of our recent Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Which I am so excited to share with you all over the coming weeks.

The theme of the photo shoot was ‘just love’ and we had such an inspired day capturing this visualization. All of this is played out in the cascading draped blooms of phalaenopsis orchids and sacred lotus flowers contrasted against a rich darker colour palate of blue delphiniums, indigo scabiosa and crimson David Austen roses. These Blooms visually reflective of the highs and lows of all great love stories.

The backdrop for this shoot is the historic Woodford Academy the oldest National Trust listed building in the iconic Blue Mountains, where our floral studio is located.  

The Academy provided the precise evocative backdrop needed for such a shoot. This building so steeped in history is filled with shadowy corners contrasted by pockets of crisp light ideal for capturing moments of intimacy and affection.

The style of photography, mood and lighting paying homage to the great flemish dutch painters who masterly captured blooms to symbolise the ever-changing nature of each flower in its stage of life. We wanted to create a mood where it seemed both models and Valentine's Day flowers appear to have been painted into the scene. Soft velveteen red roses, shadowy copper beech with its deep plum hues and antique textured wallpaper all combining to create this mood.

The significance of the occasion, that this is the first Valentine's Day where same-sex marriage has been legalised in Australia was not lost on the creative team at Floral Ink.  

Our purely female representation of love being love was a theme that we choose to honour and celebrate with sensitivity and respect.

We are so thrilled to be releasing our Valentine's Day Flowers over the next few weeks and hope you enjoyed this little peek into the creative world at Floral Ink.

Floral designer: Edith Pass

Models: Denya Aroha and Giulia Zanardo

Shoot photography: Keighley Smyth

Blog photography: Elise Clarkson


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