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l'essence Botanical Soaps


I'essence is an Australian brand handcrafting small batches of Mandala embossed Botanical Soaps - 100% Vegan & Palm Oil Free 130g per soap

Free from palm oil, fillers and synthetic ingredients, each product is made of nourishing plant oils, shea butter, herbs, botanicals, clays and essential oils.

Select from 10 scents

~ Turkish Rose
~ Woodland Violet
~ Frida Confetti (Cacao & Rose)
~ Jasmine & Sandalwood
~ Provence (Lavender & Petitgrain)
~ Seville Orange (with Poppy Seed for exfoliation)
~ Moroccan Mint
~ Sweet Anise
~ Gaia (Rose & Patchouli)
~ West Indian Lime


*Ceramic plate not included.

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